Why I Believe In The Graph And Want To Continue Being A Curator.

The Graph in one sentence: it’s a Web 3 project that allows you to extract data from blockchains. Now, extracting data is hard, like hard, for the following reasons:

The Graph simplifies the above process. In many instances, you can connect to existing subgraphs. Subgraphs are indexed blockchain contracts where someone already figured out and wrote code on what data to extract from the blockchain. It’s simple and can be done with an easy to understand and implement GraphQL query.

Such simplification of getting data out of smart contracts revolutionizes blockchain usage. Now, with The Graph, the data living there is easy to access. That alone opens up so many opportunities for dApp and Web 3 development. No longer an app needs to figure out their blockchain infrastructure. Just connect to a subgraph and continue building a project. That alone is mind-blowing. If access to the Internet and mobile devices drove the development and adaption of Web 2. Well, easy access to blockchains is sure to thrust the development of Web 3. It’s a fact because more and more dApps are already relying on existing subgraphs.

Beyond the project purpose, The Graph is the only project delivering such capabilities. There’s simply no competitors. At least not yet. And when I think of the benefits The Graph delivers, I believe it’s destined to grow in usage and popularity. Who knows where The Graph is heading but it sure might become a part of the very foundation of Web 3 like FANG have become foundations of Web 2. And I sure don’t want to miss that. I’m willing to work along and contribute to its growth and development.



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